Damascus Knife. Stainless Steel Knife. Hand forged knife

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Damascus Knife. Stainless Steel Knife. Hand forged knife


Blade material: Stainless steel
– Damascus knife
– Hunting knife
– Hand forged knife
– Anniversary gift
– Handmade knife
– Custom knife
– Engraved knife
– Pocket knife
– Vintage knife
– kitchen knife
– gift for boy
— damascus steel knife

Hand Forged Ball Bearing Knife!
The knife is made from a shell of a huge ball bearing, which I shot before I started and showed part of the manufacturing process.
Deer horn handle with thick silver plated bush.
The blade is 5.5mm thick.
Other sizes are visible.
Canvas of thick textile with insert.
The knife is suitable for hunting, fishing.
A collection of quality blades that are used, not … just for beauty.

Outdoor Damascus Knife. Stainless Steel Knife. Engraved Knife. 100% Handmade Knife. Ornamented Cross Knife.

Author’s knife! UNIQUE!
PP steel with 1mm thickness. and hardness – 56.57 HRC.
Deer horn handle and stainless elements.
Stand old oak root.
The knife has a cut like a razor blade.
Suitable for both collection.
Suitable for camping, hunting and fishing, in everyday life and in the kitchen. The knife is also suitable for a gift.
This product is made by hand from beginning to end. We use only hand forged blades, with a high level of polishing. Engraving is done manually, without the use of CNC.
In the manufacture of products involved 3 masters.
The Engraved knives is presented in the Gallery of gifts as an example of object design, a souvenir with a collector’s value.
The surfaces of collectors knife and the details of the handle are hand-decorated with ornaments.

Custom knife blade forged of high-alloy and stainless steel knife.
Each knife is an interior accessory, a sample of object design, suitable for cutting. The Collectors knife is a symbol of character and charisma of the owner, the owner of the interior.
To buy a Custom knife means to acquire an object of power. In ancient times, knives were worn as men. so and women (on belts). The life guard had given him in childhood knife. Knives with worn blades were found in graves. This suggests that the knife has always been a sacred object, the subject of power – a talisman and amulets.
Collectible knife – a universal male gift. Symbol of charisma and power, achievements and status.
This type of damask is called mosaic, for its own pattern on the surface of the blade. Its manufacture includes both high-alloyed vanadium, and corrosion-resistant grades, and black steels. Thus, it is possible to obtain a different shade with similar processing. The hardness of this metal is 58 HRC, while combining with good viscosity. Created from contrasting damask, characterized by high durability, exceptional cutting properties and, of course, an exclusive exterior.
You can choose Camper gifts for hunters in our shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Every item in our shop is made on order as it takes from 3 to 5 business days to complete. Since it is done entirely by hand, you may find small differences with the model featured on the pictures. Each handmade work is unique in itself and cannot be repeated at 100%. You are welcome to send us your preferences should you wish to personalize or customize the order. Please feel free to browse our shop for other vintage items.


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Damascus Knife. Stainless Steel Knife. Hand forged knife

Original price was: $223.00.Current price is: $122.00.