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Central Surgical understands that customer satisfaction yields customer trust.

Est. 1995

Central Surgical

Here at Central Surgical, quality is of utmost importance, so we have developed our company’s infrastructure on such channels which ensures that every metric of customer satisfaction is complied with. Our Two-Tier Quality Assurance System is an example of such a channel in which every instrument is examined to first satisfy ISO-13485, ISO-9001, FDA, and CE standards and then the set of standards Central Surgical has crafted with its generations of experience hence called the

“Two-Tier Quality Assurance System”

Central Surgical understands that customer satisfaction yields customer trust. Hence we pride ourselves in possessing traits like in-time delivery, warranty check, instrument care service, and securing quality control certificates ( ISO-13485, ISO-9001, FDA, and CE ) which speaks to our credibility.

Each instrument is manufactured using the finest stainless steel and the standard of steel is tested rigorously throughout the process of production. The workforce is a primal part of our business, hence we have designed a multilevel-filtering recruitment process that makes sure that every person we hire meets our exceptionally high standard of craftsmanship. Only by retaining such strict quality measures, Central Surgical is able to craft instruments which has the best design precision and the highest technical fidelity.

Our philosophy is to be a customer-driven firm, that is if any client desires any modification in the design provided in our catalogue, we will be more than obliged to execute that request with promptness.

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