Custom Handmade Damascus Knife Set

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Custom Handmade Damascus Knife 6 pcs  Set, Kitchen Knife set,6pc Pukka Wood Handle Knife Set wd leather bag

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Custom Handmade Damascus Knife 6 pcs  Set, Kitchen Knife set,6pc Pukka Wood Handle Knife Set wd leather bag

• Stylish Chef Knife that will Suit Your Kitchen with carry bag
• Excellent quality Razor Sharp blades
• Pukka Wood handle excellent feel
• Exquisite workmanship with extreme Durability

Chop, Dice, Slice & Carve your way to being a master chef with this versatile chef/kitchen knife set

• Measurements (approx)
• From biggest to smallest the measurements are as follows:
Overall length: 13”
Blade length : 8”
Handle length : 5”
Overall length: 12”
Blade length : 7”
Handle length : 5”
Overall length: 11”
Blade length : 6”
Handle length : 5”
Overall length: 10.5”
Blade length : 5.5”
Handle length : 5”
Overall length: 9.5”
Blade length : 4.5”
Handle length : 5”
Overall length: 8”
Blade length : 3.5”
Handle length : 4.5”

Food Compatibility: Candy,Cheese,Cake,Butter,Fruit,Meat,Salad,Vegetable etc.

The high grade damascus steel used for these blades consists of layers of low carbon & high carbon mixture welded, forged and hammered several times to obtain Up to 200 Layers. The hardness of these blades is up to 55 HRC on the Rockwell scale providing sharp edges that are designed for lots of use.

Precision heat treating methods are employed to provide the sharpest, most enduring edges available.

Only quality material have been used to create this beautiful Knives Set, hand forged kitchen knives. Featuring High Grade Damascus Steel blade. The Pukka Wood & Handle is fixed with Steel Guard & Pommel. Comfortable in your hand, you will volunteer to be the cook tonight!

For the collector or the Chef Master this set of knives are stylish and built to last.

Interesting Information About Damascus Steel:
Damascus steel is an advanced form of shaping steel, derived from centuries-old forging technique used to create blades that became almost legendary in their reputation for strength and sharpness. Recognized by the distinctive pattern on the surface of the metal, the stratified layers of steel are reminiscent of flowing water.

How to care for your new knives:
Store in a dry place, moisture encourages rust. Damascus is very easy to clean if rusted but is rust resistant.
After use, wash and dry the blade & apply vegetable oil, or any food safe lubricating oil. To maintain a beautiful finish, clean the brass on the handle with a brass cleaner (e.g Brasso).
Sometimes Damascus steel darkens with age. To brighten up the blade, sand it lengthwise with a worn piece of sand paper. This just hits the raised portions of the etched pattern and makes the blade look brighter.

No two items are ever identical; the item you receive may be slightly different to the pictures shown. Damascus steel is a refined method of forging steel where the anvil and the hammer determine just what kind of knife is made each time. The use of natural materials i.e., buffalo horn, stag horn, wood and camel bone means that variations in color and slight imperfections may be present but make each knife that much more unique.

Product & Shipping: Experienced Blade smith made these quality knives in our own manufacturing unit in Pakistan and we ship these knives in USA from our Texas warehouse.

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Custom Handmade Damascus Knife Set

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $187.49.